What is IT.A?

IT.A is the acronym of Italian Academy. A program that offers advanced training courses focused on the excellence of Made in Italy.

Zainetto Verde guarantees educational experiences based on "learning by doing" that integrate teaching and tourism.

IT.A responds to Italy's strong appeal at an international level, focusing on topics related to Made in Italy and Italian style.

IT.A offers training experiences to students, teachers, entrepreneurs and managers from all over the world interested in learning the best of Italian excellence.

Why should you choose IT.A?

  • to learn Italian language;
  • to learn more about the Made in Italy;
  • to get prepared for a MA Bachelor in Italy;
  • to start a business linked to the Italian industry;
  • to work in Italy

You can choose between:

Thematic stay

Analysis of certain topics with lessons, visits and experiences at important Italian societies; workshops and internships; city visits and excursions to better understand the Made in Italy culture and lifestyle.

Language study stay

The same as thematic stay but enriched with the study of the Italian language.

The IT.A faculty

The IT.A training experiences are chaired by a scientific director who is supported by university teachers, managers and entrepreneurs specialized in the Made in Italy. In addition to this, IT.A can count on important partnerships with universities, research centers, technological hubs and leading Italian companies.

IT.A paths offer:

classroom lectures held by experts

experiences in companies and specialized structures

laboratories, seminars, workshops

corporate internships

IT.A stays integrate study activities with visits and guided excursions to places of historical-artistic and/or naturalistic interest, to get to know and directly experience the beauties of Italy.

If you cannot find a course that can perfectly suit your needs, we can create it for you!
IT.A stays are shaped on the needs of the customer. For this reason, in addition to the standard packages, we can build customized thematic itineraries – the length and costs are decided in according to customers’ needs.

For more detailed information or special requests, contact us! 
Tel. 0583 513340

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Italia Academy: stage in Italy for foreign students


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